May 1, 2007, 12:00 AM

Internet Retailer 2007 Conference & Exhibition

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Jennifer Bailey, principal, Red Spade, Inc.
Site Usability: Better Navigation Keeps E-shoppers On Board

The cornerstones of a seamless and intuitive online browsing and shopping experience are a site’s organization, labeling, orientation, and navigation. Jennifer Bailey has done hundreds of usability audits, and will provide examples from dozens of top retail sites to show how poor usability, related to all those factors, has driven customers away and slashed online revenues.

F. Curtis Barry, president, F. Curtis Barry & Co.
Creating a Stellar Delivery and Fulfillment Strategy

One of the least glamorous parts of online retailing is getting the package to the customer. But it’s crucial to success and a potential source of cost efficiencies. Curt Barry will discuss efficiency and metrics in providing fulfillment and customer service. "Another important area that we will discuss will be how to reduce inbound and outbound transportation costs," he says.

Alicia Berry, director of operations, DVD Empire
Beyond Credit Cards: E-checks, PayPal, Google Checkout & Much More

Alicia Berry will discuss the benefits of several alternative payment methods, including a cost-benefit analysis of each option. She will cite examples of DVD Empire’s experience with the front- and back-end implementation of alternative payment methods, including Google Checkout, PayPal, Bill Me Later, Pay by Cash, national credit card prepaid gift cards and ACH payment.

Gary Briggs, chief marketing officer, eBay Inc.
How eBay Will Continue Re-Shaping the E-retailing Industry

It wasn’t that long ago when the word "eBay" represented an upstart in retailing that few people understood. But in its first 12 years, eBay has become a major force in online retailing for sellers ranging from small independents to national chains. Gary Briggs will address how all retailers can partake in the power of the marketplace, which has more than 200 million registered users.

Georgianne Brown, president, Mainstream E-Commerce, BabyUniverse Inc.
Blending Video and E-Commerce

With the spread of broadband Internet access, online TV-style content has become very popular. BabyUniverse operates, a web-based TV channel featuring original programming created and controlled by BabyUniverse and aimed at expectant and new parents. Georgianne Brown will reveal why BabyUniverse is taking this approach and what the company expects to get out of its Internet TV channel.

Ken Burke, CEO, MarketLive
What E-Retailers Must Know About How Shoppers Use Their Sites

Most online merchants receive an abundance of traffic to their sites, yet fail to fulfill on their brand promise or meet customer expectations, resulting in loss of sales and reduced customer loyalty. Ken Burke will discuss customer-focused techniques to boost online sales. For the first time, he will divulge cumulative data of success metrics found within the MarketLive community of over 150 active retail sites.

Neil Clemmons, sr. vice president, strategy, Critical Mass
The Latest Concepts in Retail Site Design

Next generation retail sites deliver brand and business impact while still being customer centric. From highly engaging product presentation to community tools and multi-channel shopping, today’s best retail sites delight customers. While the balance of power has shifted, this session will take a look at best practices and next practices in delivering better commerce experiences.

Donald Cohen, president, Tool King
How Retailers Can Fight Commodity Pricing

Some online retailers have found that while they can compete on price, there are ways to get around price competition and not lose market share. Don Cohen will discuss how he obscures prices with such tactics as including bits in a drill price, so a shopper can’t compare drill for drill. But Tool King engages in other tactics that Cohen believes trump price. Among them, surveying customers to learn what they place a premium on.

Tod Cohen, vice president, global government affairs, eBay Inc.
The Face-Off Over Internet Regulation

In the effort by online retailers to keep the Internet wide open for business, Tod Cohen is directly involved in pressing the retailers’ case. Promoting network neutrality along with his colleagues at Amazon, IAC/InteractiveCorp and other companies, Cohen will explain why it’s important to retailers to assure that the Internet remains independent from excessive control by telecommunications providers.

James Connell, director of e-commerce, Roots
Elevating the Retail Chain E-commerce Chief

At Roots, a designer and retailer of sports apparel for Olympic teams as well as general consumers, the e-commerce chief plays a crucial role in managing the brand both online and in stores on web-based kiosks. James Connell will address how he stays on top of technology and merchandising to pull together a multi-channel strategy. "As a brand, we look at innovation as key to our success," he says.

Rahmon Coupe, president & CEO, Your Amigo
Harnessing the Power of Search Engines: Mastering the Complexities of Pay per Click and Optimization

Rahmon Coupe will address next generation for search engine optimization, how technology is changing the way it’s done, how traditional SEO struggles with scalability, inability to manage millions of organic-search keywords, inability to automatically analyze where a site’s revenue gaps are and how to create new content to fill those gaps. He’ll also talk about how to generate new business by optimizing for the long tail.

Tom Cox, president and CEO,
Needles in Haystacks: The Small E-retailer’s Quest for Talent

"Recruiting is not a one-time event-it’s a never-ending process," says Tom Cox. The president and CEO of a small web-only retailer will offer ten ways to keep a list of qualified job applicants flowing year round. He also will provide tips on how to find solid employees from universities and colleges-"and it’s not through the placement office," he hints. Additionally, Cox will discuss finding help offshore.

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