May 1, 2007, 12:00 AM

Internet Retailer 2007 Conference & Exhibition

A sneak peek at what speakers will be presenting at the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition.

The Internet is no longer just another channel or just another way of doing business. It is transforming all aspects of retailing. Speakers at the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition will tell how they expect the industry to be changed by one of the most powerful technologies in human history, detailing the social, business and technological revolution that is coming.

Keynote Speakers
Jim McCann, founder & CEO,
Keynote Address Day One: The Web: Powering the Re-Invention of Retailing
Taking risks and embracing cutting edge technology is how Jim McCann launched this multimillion dollar floral and gift retailer over 30 years ago. In his keynote address, McCann will discuss what the future will look like for the company, his views on Web 2.0 and how it will affect the industry, and the innovative ideas has implemented to reach customers and continue to inspire their loyalty.

Reed Hastings, founder, chairman & CEO, Netflix Inc.
Keynote Address Day Two: The Transformation of the Movie Rental Industry
The Internet is the great equalizer, with content coming from millions of providers. Netflix founder, chairman & CEO Reed Hastings will discuss how Netflix intends to continue to be the leading provider of movies over the Internet to any device consumers want to watch them on. Hastings has a unique and engaging perspective on the forces of freedom and the forces of control that are shaping the future of Internet content delivery.

Featured Speakers
David Schofman, CEO, Callaway Golf Interactive
Manufacturers: How the Web is Changing Their Business Model

In the golfing world, Callaway is a recognized leader among a large number of strong equipment brands. Even used Callaway golf clubs and accessories sell at a premium. David Schofman will explain how Callaway blends an Internet and store strategy to sell used equipment direct to consumers at and new branded products from its store partners through

Brad Brown, vice president of e-commerce and web strategy, Recreational Equipment Inc.
Keeping a Chain Up with the Latest Internet Developments

Multi-channel retailers juggle many balls. In the process, they need to stay abreast of web trends to ensure e-commerce success. "We need to determine how to build a more compelling presence in the emerging world of community, how to interact with customers via mobile phone, what technology changes need to be made to the site," says Brad Brown, who will address these and other issues.

Lunch Address: June 5
Larry Freed, president and CEO, ForeSee Results

ForeSee Results studied the 100 top Internet retailers using the American Customer Satisfaction Index, a technology out of the University of Michigan that measures consumer satisfaction with goods and services. Larry Freed will use those scores to show which sites do a great job of meeting shoppers’ needs. He also will unveil the ForeSee Results/Internet Retailer Purchase Intent Index that show how satisfaction translates into purchases online and offline.`

Susan Aldrich, senior vice president, The Patricia Seybold Group
Site Search: Zero Results Ring Up Zero Sales

"Customers are impatient when presented with too many choices, especially if it takes several seconds to push away the less interesting ones," Susan Aldrich says. "Retailers understand the ideal of delivering the best choices up front." Susan Aldrich will explore how to deliver relevant results and how many to deliver, as well as how customers respond to various site search methods.

Joe Alter, president and CEO, Smooth Fitness
Jay Steinfeld, founder and CEO,

Keeping a Growth Engine on Track

Fast growing e-retailers face special challenges and management considerations to ensure their success, such as employee training, securing temporary turnkey warehousing, IT integration, and adapting to, and even embracing change. Joe Alter and Jay Steinfeld will discuss how they managed their companies through the pain points associated with rapid growth while implementing technological advancements, such as customer self-service tools, without falling short of their performance and profit objectives. E-retailers will learn how to solve such common problems as bandwidth and web site stability, customer service scalability, and managing the inherent conflict between marketing and IT, without expending unnecessary time or resources.

Gene Alvarez, vice president, retail e-commerce, Gartner Inc.
What Technology is Coming and Why You Should Care

Alvarez will address how new technologies such as AJAX and Macromedia Flex will help web sites provide faster and more visual experiences, as consumers demand more convenient and interactive online shopping. Also growing in importance is service oriented web architecture to support true multi-channel retailing, community shopping sites and mobile commerce. "Retailers not up on this will lose out," he says.

Steve Antisdel, chief operating officer,
Selling Your E-business on Your Terms

Steve Antisdel has grown and sold two e-commerce businesses, and has helped clients do the same in many industries. He’ll explain eleven elements that drive the long-term value of an e-business, and share six proven secrets to creating a truly compelling customer experience. He’ll explain how to lower marketing costs, boost conversions, and develop the leverage to sell an e-business on the owner’s terms.

Donny Askin, CEO, OrderMotion Inc.
How to Choose an Integrated Back-end Solution
This session will help retailers understand when they need to integrate their front- and back-end technology systems, how to do it and what benefits they can derive from converting to a single system. With years of expertise in developing software that ties a retailer’s operations together, Donny Askin will outline the ideal system in which all information flows seamlessly up and down the order system.

Geoff Atkinson, director of e-mail and web site marketing,
E-mail marketing: Being Persuasive, Not Offensive

E-mail marketing keeps evolving, and so do the strategies that govern campaign success as retailers learn more and deepen their understanding of this powerful marketing channel. From the perspective of a major online retailer, Geoff Atkinson will talk about how has realized greater campaign success by increasing the personalization factor in its e-mail communication to customers.

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