January 18, 2007, 12:00 AM

Embedded video raises e-mail click-through rates for auto dealers

Auto dealer-dedicated online marketing firm Outsell tests compressed video from EmailFilm Technologies that plays instantly when the e-mail is opened. Dealers are seeing higher click-through on video-enabled offers.

Online video that plays instantly when recipients get the e-mail is producing results for the clients of Outsell LLC, an online marketing services firm dedicated exclusively to the auto dealership market. Outsell, with more than 300 dealership clients, has been testing Hypertext Markup Language-compatible video with client e-mails. The e-mails use file-compression technology from EmailFilm Technologies Inc. that allows e-mail recipients to see the video in play immediately on opening the e-mail rather than having to click a link to view it.

"After running Beta tests from July through October and now with a new agreement expanding the client base, Outsell has found a substantial increase in clicks to the current offers due to EmailFilm Video being incorporated in our dealership e-mail newsletters,” says Outsell product specialist Mindy Dolan. “It has become the second-highest clicked-on link within our newsletters."

EmailFilm Technologies provides both production services for the product videos and the patent-pending technology that compresses the video files to a size that will play instantly in HTML e-mails. Vice president of marketing Bill Adagio, who adds the e-mails are also being tested by several other marketers including retailers, says that instantly playing product video serves to boost click-through rates and deliver return on investment.

“With all the great offers and creative copy and product images in e-mail now, you have to ask yourself what is it going to take to drive it to the next level,” says Adagio, noting that currrently the average click-through rates on marketing e-mail range only from about 12% to 20%. “We think technology will drive it to the next level. This is like the difference between a slideshow and film.”


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