September 1, 2006, 12:00 AM

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Web Performance Monitoring
Watchful eye
Online retailers can ill afford slow-loading pages and downtime, which is a key reason 30% of all Top 500 retailers use a third-party application to monitor web site performance. Just in time for the 2006 holiday season, Keynote Systems Inc., which lists 31 Top 500 merchants as customers, is doubling the capacity of LoadPro, a load testing service that allows online retailers to simulate the activity of millions of site users. Gomez Inc., a provider of monitoring tools to 24 Top 500 retailers, also is enhancing its product suite. The company in June introduced an updated diagnostics program that provides a retailer with an executive summary and technical level detail on common web performance problems.

Content Delivery Network
Underlying support
By hiring a content delivery service, a retailer can manage temporary increases in traffic without sinking money into permanent infrastructure. A content delivery network also helps Top 500 retailers support the content and features online shoppers want more of: streaming media, customer reviews, interactive product displays, product configurators and enhanced images. Akamai Technologies Inc., which is utilized by 50 Top 500 retailers, has helped Quixtar Inc. (No. 20), and others improve their page loading speed and site availability. Mirror Image, a content delivery network used by 8 Top 500 merchants, recently helped Eastern Mountain Sports Inc. (No. 336) improve the speed of downloading pages without purchasing additional bandwidth.


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