July 18, 2006, 12:00 AM

Boschtools.com gets turbo-charged, and channel partner sales accelerate

Bosch Tools doesn’t sell direct online. But it nevertheless has used Boschtools.com to boost sales at its online resellers by 37%, and the average order size during that time by 22%.

Manufacturer Bosch Tools doesn’t sell direct online – but it nevertheless has used its web site, Boschtools.com, to boost its sales at its online resellers over the past 12 months by 37%, and its average order size during that time by 22%.

“We’re in a very competitive market. We use our online presence to acquire customers and build sales through referrals to our online resellers,” says Rich Holbach, Bosch Tools marketing director.

Bosch’s power tools, used by contractors and other professionals, are a spec-laden and heavily considered purchase. Not every retailer carries the complete Bosch catalog or provides all the information around every product. Bosch found the gains with a new web site, created in collaboration with interactive agency AvenueA/Razorfish, that affords a fast way for customers to find the right products and information. The redesigned site also strengthens the connection with resellers, both online and offline.


The site integrates with Bosch’s back-office catalog and the sites of its online resellers, directing customers both to online resellers for specific products and also, based a zip code entered by the shopper, to brick and mortar resellers that have the product. To handle deep content and keep it current while providing speed and easy navigation, the new site built by AvenueA integrates the Microsoft content manager and MondoSoft’s search engine on the .Net platform.

The .Net platform from Microsoft is designed to facilitate web services. In the case of Boschtools.com, those web services let the company keep product and other information updated without having to recode the web site to do it, because the database can automatically communicate with the web site to adjust posted inventory and other posted information.

“In our segment, we’ve jumped to number two in traffic from number five in less than 24 months, and our conversion rates are exceptionally high – well beyond industry averages. Our channel partners are very pleased with the traffic we are sending them,” says Holbach.

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