June 29, 2006, 12:00 AM

How to tell if site search requires more investment

A new study points to five factors that can help Internet retailers determine if they’re spending enough money on internal site search.

Site search is without doubt a key tool for Internet retailers seeking to boost conversion and sales. While a retailer’s site search may be effective, there could be areas for improvement that the retailer may not see.

“With the right level of investment in site search, both in technology and using the goldmine of information it generates, you’ll be able to boost revenue and reduce costs,” according to a new study from research firm the Patricia Seybold Group prepared for web analytics vendor WebSideStory Inc.

The study asserts that if any of the following statements are not true of a web retailer’s operations, that retailer needs to make a greater investment in internal site search:

  • Product marketing demands site search statistics daily to maximize effectiveness.
  • Customers are responding to offers triggered by site search terms at optimal points in their visits.
  • Marketing staff review site search reports in choosing keywords spending, e-mail campaign wording and offers.
  • Marketing staff know what content captures attention and which links are most compelling.
  • Customer support uses site search statistics to identify content that is needed and improve site search results.

“With better information on customers,” the report states, “you’ll make better offers and design more compelling content.”


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