May 11, 2006, 12:00 AM

New feature on Fry e-commerce platform personalizes the customer experience

Consumers want more personalized communication and content from the online retailers with which they interact regularly. The new Experience Management tool on Fry’s license-free open source e-commerce platform aims to help retailers serve it up.

Consumers` expectations of the customer experience online keep ratcheting up – they want more personalized messaging, promotions and content geared to their preferences and history from the online retailers with which they interact regularly. Fry Inc. is serving up the ability for retailers to more easily provide that experience with the addition of a new tool to its license-free open-source e-commerce technology platform, Open Commerce Platform, director of marketing Janita Gaulzetti tells

The new feature, the Experience Management tool, was built in response to Fry`s retailer clients’ request for more power to deliver targeted content to their customers, she adds. The tool dynamically generates personalized content, promotions and even e-mail around customer information and customer history in a simple-to-use drag and drop interface that lets an online retailer`s non-technical business managers set the rules for segmentation and delivery.

It supports the ability to do customer segmentation dynamically, based on a broad set of events and conditions, and provides continuous analytical processing to evaluate customer actions and deliver an appropriate response. Among other features, it also provides customizable e-mail templates incorporating dynamic content areas for the creation and delivery of customer-specific content.

“This puts the tools to better manage the customer experience online into their hands,” says Gaulzetti of the new feature, which is being rolled out to retailers on Fry’s Open Commerce Platform over the next several weeks.

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