May 4, 2006, 12:00 AM

Sponsored Case Study:Eliminating the Assumptions in Guess?`s Site Search Strategy

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The new feature was tested during the holiday shopping season. Guess? created several banner ads slated to run on specific days and pages within the site, as well as landing pages. The retailer used the feature to successfully promote several holiday gift packages, knowing they would be automatically replaced with another offer on a designated date, once the relevancy of the offer had passed. The feature not only gave Guess?’s merchandising department more pinpoint control over its campaign, but allowed for hands-off management once the parameters of the campaigns were loaded into the system, as the rules for each campaign were preset. “It allowed us to put in more logic around where the ads appeared and for how long, which increased the sophistication of our marketing and merchandising,” says Africa.

Expanding the concept
Guess? intends to expand the concept to closed-loop marketing, which is a technique used by retailers to seed search results according to its specifications. For example, search results for bathing suits turned up during the winter months will skew heavily toward the highest margin items that fit the search criteria, followed by best sellers. As spring arrives, ordering of results is adjusted to show best sellers first. Come late summer, results display the highest inventory items first. “This is a way for retailers to actualize their business strategy without having to involve IT in every step, because all the rules can be preset and tweaked by the merchandising department as needed based on customer behavior,” says Leibow. Such flexibility and power has allowed Guess? to hit the trifecta of site performance: higher conversion rates, more sales and increased customer satisfaction.

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