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Internet Retailer 2006

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Jacob Hawkins, SVP, online marketing, Overstock.com

Making Sense of Online Shopping Malls

With so many different online shopping malls, it’s easy for retailers to get tangled up in the different technical and business requirements of each. Jacob Hawkins will discus how to unscramble the maze of online malls to maximize ROI through these channels. He will address which are the top malls, what it takes to set up a relationship, and how to optimize listings to achieve positive ROI.

Debbie Hess, e-commerce manager, Norm Thompson Outfitters Inc.

Redesigns: The Need for Them and Strategy Behind Them

Norm Thompson’s trio of redesigned e-commerce sites feature rich media, faster search and zoom tools that enable customers to see more product detail when they shop. More importantly, Debbie Hess will discuss how key design changes led to a big spike in customer satisfaction ratings. “We’re getting higher marks because we’re providing shoppers with a better online experience,” she says.

Teri Hilden, director of merchandising, WilsonsLeather.com

10 Easy Steps to Improve Online Merchandising

Improved online merchandising and enhanced product positioning can drive e-commerce sales, says Teri Hilden. “By creating separate navigation for our men’s and women’s extended-size collections, sales for comparable items have increased more than 17%,” she says. “We also evaluated handbag navigation and reorganized by bag style rather than lifestyle and sales for comparable items increased 16%.”

Ethan Holland, director of e-commerce, W. Atlee Burpee Co.

E-mail Marketing: The Best Way to Target Your Marketing Message

There were more readers of RSS in 2005 than there were blog readers in 2004. Yet most retailers are still taking notes from the sidelines. Burpee Gardens, a 130-year old brand, has published RSS since 2005. Ethan Holland will explain the value of RSS as well as its challenges and how RSS fits into a brand’s sweet spot, where the strongest content is easily created and distributed to an interested audience.

Wayne Kimmel, managing partner, Eastern Technology Fund

What Venture Capitalists Expect of E-Retailers

Today’s investment market reflects the maturity of the online retailing industry-venture capitalists and Wall Street investors are less likely to look for the maverick stocks than they were a few years ago and are focusing on the fundamentals of a realistic, sustainable business model. Wayne Kimmel will outline what it takes for a dot-com to get the attention of investors these days.

Gary Korotzer, chief marketing officer, RedEnvelope Inc.

Online Retailers Finally Discover Loyalty Programs

Implementing a loyalty program online is different from implementing one offline, notes Gary Korotzer. He will discuss how RedEnvelope is building more loyalty among new and repeat buyers through the effective use of e-mail marketing combined with the right loyalty club perks. A key component is personalizing each e-mail message and giving loyalty program members constant updates on their status.

Peter Kosciewicz, director of e-commerce, The Eastwood Company

Social Networking: The Peer Persuasion Marketing Tool

Over the last two years, Eastwood has learned how to harness the enthusiasm and social nature of its car-restoration customers. Peter Kosciewicz will talk about how social networking has become a cost-effective way for Eastwood to acquire new customers, reinforce its brand position to new and existing customers, and help casual hobbyists manage the steep learning curve associated with vehicle restoration.

Joshua K. Lau, founder & CEO, YesAsia.com

Designing Sites for Global Sales

“Designing a web site that is accessible, understandable and user-friendly to global customers is a challenge,” says Joshua Lau, whose web site, YesAsia.com, is a leading retailer of Asian-produced CDs, DVDs, books, gifts and electronics. Lau will discuss how sites can strengthen their presence globally by focusing on a few key areas such as language and product selection, and which key features will localize the site in different markets.

Brett E. Lauter, director of emerging brands, The Home Depot

Micro-Segmentation: Going Where Stores and Catalogs Can’t Go

The web enables retailers to create a national market for niches in ways that stores and catalogs can’t. Brett E.Lauter will discuss how The Home Depot decided last year to launch Paces Trading Co., a micro-site which sells high-end lighting. He will explain how the web allows fast segmentation and what results The Home Depot has achieved.

Noah Maffitt, director of e-commerce, Office Depot

The Ever-Growing Challenge of Managing Web Site Content

There are myriad possibilities when publishing content on e-commerce sites, as well as a virtually endless number of pages to work with. However, choosing and presenting web content presents unique challenges retailers must face as they offer more products and information, says Noah Maffit. Acquiring and managing content, making it usable, and hiring effective staffers is key, he adds.

Gordon Magee, Internet marketing manager, Drs Foster and Smith

Search Engine Marketing: No. 1 Online Marketing Tool

Search engine marketing is more than transporting customers to your web site, it’s a highly effective merchandising tool. Gordon Magee details how the right marketing partner can help retailers identify the value of keywords and phrases based on revenue so they can bid accordingly, plus how to create a more effective SEM strategy. Retailers will also learn the attributes of quality in-house SEM professionals.

Federico Marchetti, CEO & Founder, Yoox.com

Putting the “World” in WWW: Strategies for Selling Globally

Selling successfully overseas begins with the right combination of e-commerce infrastructure, distinctive merchandise and local relationships, says Federico Marchetti. He will discuss Yoox’s global strategy of finding up-and-coming designers to design exclusive collections for Yoox’s international web retailing markets. “Our main priority is finding good people who think out of the box,” Marchetti says.

Fredrick Marckini, CEO, iProspect.com

Search Engine Marketing: No. 1 Online Marketing Tool

Search marketing is a balance between paying for placement and improving natural search ranking. Fredrick Marckini will help retailers understand the leading factors to achieving top rankings in natural search results and how to select keywords to optimize paid and natural search. He’ll also discuss using search to convert visitors to buyers, how to get ROI out of keyword bidding, and when to outsource search marketing.

Marissa Mayer, vice president of product development, Froogle

Vertical Search Engines: The New Way to Find Products

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