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Internet Retailer 2006

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Georgianne Brown, executive vice president, marketing, BabyUniverse Inc.

Search Engine Marketing: The No. 1 Online Marketing Tool

Search engine marketing is the most complex form of advertising, with marketers making hundreds or thousands of decisions on keywords, placements and rates they are willing to pay as well as having to understand the roles that site design and product merchandising play in search engine rankings. Georgianne Brown will lead attendees through how to create the most effective search campaign.

Dave Brumback, director of operations, AE Direct

Growing into the Next Level E-Commerce Platform

Dave Brumback will talk about American Eagle’s process to redefine its business on new e-commerce technology, and how 75% of AE Direct’s technology and operations changed, how order management changed, how the call center was integrated into the experience and how this was a defining moment for the business. He will also discuss how the implementation is affecting American Eagle’s future.

P. Craig Davidson, director of business intelligence and e-commerce, Puma

Tapping America’s Second Market-Hispanics

Puma is a multinational brand with a storied history in sports. Craig Davidson will discuss how and why Puma implemented multilingual sites (Spanish and French-Canadian). He also will discuss “what we thought the challenges would be in implementing such a site, how we applied our web site best practices to the translated sites, and what we have experienced since our translated sites went live.”

Tom Denison, director of e-commerce, Personal Creations

Web Site Self-Service Doesn’t Mean Auto-Pilot

Helping web customers help themselves starts with being proactive, says Tom Denison. He will discuss how even simple initiatives such as scrolling a live chat box across the home page is helping PersonalCreations.com teach customers how to place orders faster and use the site’s self-help tools. “It’s in our best interest to reach out proactively and ask our customers if they need help,” he says.

Steve Denton, president, LinkShare Corp.

Affiliate Marketing: Unsung Hero of Online Marketing

Steve Denton details the criteria retailers must use when evaluating potential affiliate marketing partners, what questions to ask prospective partners about their business and the kinds of customers they can drive to your site, and how to manage affiliate relationships. Denton will also discuss the importance of keeping in touch with affiliates and how to establish and maintain good communications with them.

Heather Dougherty, senior retail analyst, Nielsen/NetRatings

Who’s Online and How Do You Reach Them?

Heather Dougherty will illustrate the online market by presenting a detailed profile of the online apparel buyer, comparing the various means of site referrals and identifying which are most effective in targeting apparel researchers and buyers. She also will highlight the impact of search and comparison shopping tools during the purchasing process and which types of keywords are being used to locate products.

Gregory Dowling, senior analyst, Jupiter Research

Traps to Avoid in Creating and Operating Retail Web Sites

Based on his experience reviewing web sites, Greg Dowling will moderate a panel discussion on the common traps that online retail web site designs fall into, how retailers can avoid them and what they can do to fix design flaws. The session will include tips on what makes for great design-and more sales.

David Dwek, vice president, marketing, Etronics

Mastering the Subtleties of Global Sales

“We’re international,” David Dwek boasted to Internet Retailer after Etronics announced its ability to ship globally. What he didn’t realize was that operational challenges were the least of his problems. Dwek will share his experiences in cracking the international market: To what extent do U.S. experiences apply elsewhere? Is language translation necessary? Can you dip your toe in the global water? Where do you start?

Lisa Dyson, director of e-commerce and customer-relationship marketing, Famous Footwear

Making Cross-Channel Inventory Management Work

Lisa Dyson will discuss why Famous Footwear, a 900-store chain and the largest discount footwear retailer in the U.S., recently updated its cross-channel inventory management system to allow customers to shop online for shoes based on what’s in inventory at 930 stores, not just what’s in stock at the web site’s warehouse. She also will discuss the challenges of making the system work.

Kevin Ertell, director of interactive marketing, loyalty and CRM, Borders Group Inc.

The Many Ways the Internet Can Drive Brand Preference and Loyalty

In February, Borders launched a loyalty program that is solely Internet-based-it doesn’t even collect customers’ physical addresses. Kevin Ertell, with Michael Tam, will explain how Borders uses the knowledge it gains through the loyalty program to create personalized, customized shopping experiences through seasonal highlights, monthly newsletters and book recommendations that routinely send books to the top of best-seller lists.

Mike Faith, CEO, Headsets.com

Lost in Cyberspace: Do E-Retailers Just Ignore E-Mail?

Headsets.com credits a personalized e-mail customer service program with helping it achieve record sales in 2005. In his session, Mike Faith will outline Headsets’ individualized approach to e-mail and customer contact. At the core is responding to all e-mail in 1 hour or less and personalizing each exchange. “Customers feel more important if they know they aren’t just another number,” Faith says.

Julie Fergerson, vice president of emerging technologies, Debix.com

Taking Security into Your Own Hands

Julie Fergerson will cover the latest ways criminals are stealing data. In the past 18 months there has been a significant shift from manual theft to automated theft-minimizing the time and effort and maximizing the damage. She will review phishing and pharming, and look at the trends for new and re-emerging schemes, such as the latest re-emerging scheme: bogus call tags.

Stuart Frankel, president, Performics

Affiliate Marketing: Unsung Hero of Online Marketing

Stuart Frankel discusses how to spot duplicate costs in affiliate marketing, how to control acquisition costs, and questions to consider when selecting affiliates. Retailers will also learn how to measure the value of the affiliate based on sales dollars, the importance of supplying early product information and incentives to the most valuable affiliates, and how to move the customer relationship from the affiliate to themselves.

Larry Freed, president and CEO, ForeSee Results

Revealing & Analyzing America’s 500 Largest E-Retailers

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