April 6, 2006, 12:00 AM

Home décor retailer Chiasso polishes up site search

Problems with an earlier site search feature elicited hundreds of complaints. A new hosted site search from SLI Systems ends those complaints and adds to online sales growth of 20% -30%.

When the web site of multi-channel Chicago-based home décor retailer Chiasso got a top-to-bottom redesign last fall, improvements to site search did little to advance that particular functionality beyond the level of performance delivered by original search function launched with the site in 1999. Since then, the company has solved that problem by implementing a hosted site search solution from SLI Systems, ending visitors’ complaints about site search and contributing to online sales which are growing at the rate of 20% to 30% year over year, Greg Kadens, COO of Chiasso, tells InternetRetailer.com

Chiasso.com’s previous site search had resulted in a number of bailouts when visitors weren’t able to find what they wanted and as many as 300 e-mails from customers complaining about the site search function. “The results have been very positive,” says Kadens. “The negative feedback we were getting has completely stopped and our sales are up each month, so we know we’re keeping more visitors from going to competitors’ sites. We attribute a lot of this to the success of SLI’s solutions, which are totally hands-off and have been a great investment for us.”

In addition to SLI’s Learning Search site search service, Chiasso also used a hosted search engine optimization service from SLI. About 55% of Chiasso’s sales come from its web site, up from 32% a year ago. The retailer also has seasonal catalogs and will shortly open a store in Chicago.

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