February 7, 2006, 12:00 AM

Digital marketing platform iCrossing launches mCrossing mobile unit

Digital advertising is making the leap from desktop and notebook to mobile device, further expanding the definition of the multi-channel campaign. “It’s a natural progression for the search space,” says iCrossing CEO Jeffrey Herzog.

Digital marketing network iCrossing Inc. has launched a dedicated mobile advertising and search service business unit, mCrossing. The new service will allow retailers and other clients to extend their marketing research into the mobile device arena, with content optimized for that medium. The service’s enhanced creative will provide the opportunity to connect to consumers through mobile search optimization and short message services, among other options.

“Mobile is a natural progression for the search space and advertisers are evaluating how best to engage customers,” says Jeffrey Herzog, CEO of iCrossing. “ICrossing can quantify results enabling advertisers to achieve a strategic advantage by planning effective marketing campaigns that connect with consumers wherever and whenever possible.”

Beyond the delivery of simple messages, SMS will allow clients using the service to deliver a variety of informational and marketing content; for instance, users can be directed to Internet content that gives an overview of a product. One example of the use of SMS in an integrated marketing campaign is using mobile devices to deliver coupons or movie tickets with barcodes that can be redeemed at the point of purchase.

MCrossing also will offer features such as location-awareness services using GPS and other positioning data to help customers quickly locate stores or special locations, e-commerce and billing capabilities, allowing consumers browse catalogs, redeem gift certificates and track orders from their cell phones.

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