February 2, 2006, 12:00 AM

New site search tool pays off in sales, cost reduction at Toolfetch.com

Eight months after implementing Google Mini as its site search tool, Toofetch.com has seen sales rise by 20%. Data on keyword use has refined keyword purchases to cut online advertising costs by 12%.

Eight months after implementing the plug-in Google Mini application as its site search tool, Toolfetch.com is continuing to see increases in the number of searches, sales and duration of average visits to the site, owner Andrew Brown tells Internet Retailer.

The Google Mini, which replaced an open-source developed site search application bundled into Toolfetch’s original e-commerce platform, has contributed to a sales increase of 20% since it was rolled out on the site, Brown says. The average time a customer spends on the web site is up 15% over the past eight months, given customers’ greater ability to find more products and product information.

Brown adds that data from reports on site search use generated by the application have also helped to reduce cost and guide marketing spending. For example, the reports revealed that 10% of all users were searching for help topics such as FAQs and shipping policies. By using Google’s keyword matches to link visitors to specific FAQ or shipping information pages on the site, Toolfetch was able to reduce the number of incoming calls to customer service agents on those topics from 10% to 2% of calls.

Brown also notes that analyzing the reports has helped refine Toolfetch’s keyword purchases, thus reducing its online advertising costs by 12% over the past eight months. The review of reports on search terms and customer paths also has helped guide the design of Toolfetch’s new web site, to launch later this month. “We’re structuring our new site based on this information,” Brown says.

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