January 31, 2006, 12:00 AM

Customer reviews boost CompUSA`s conversion rate and average order

A new ratings and review process implemented by CompUSA on provider Bazaarvoice’s platform helps boost conversion rates by 50% and order size by 20% among customers who find the reviews on search engines.

The e-commerce site of CompUSA saw results quickly after implementing a customer review process from provider Bazaarvoice, the company reports. Visitors who came to the CompUSA site after finding a customer review on AOL, Google, MSN or Yahoo had a 50% higher conversion rate and spent an average of 20% more than the typical CompUSA visitor, according to Austin, TX-based Bazaarvoice.

“We are very pleased with Bazaarvoice’s immediate and direct impact on sales,” says George Coll, vice president of business services and corporate strategy at CompUSA. "Customer reviews boosted our natural search results and drove tens of thousands of new visitors to our web site."

CompUSA had considered building a customer ratings and review platform in house but decided the Bazaarvoice solution would be more cost effective. The solution is managed entirely by Bazaarvoice, including technical integration and hosting, and review and analysis of the customer ratings.

Under the process, the product reviews customers share at CompUSA.com also provide insights that can inform marketing, merchandising and product development. For example, according to the company, after a reviewer complained about the ineffectiveness of a broadband booster product, another reviewer responded by posting detailed information on how the user enabled the setting with his ISP. That data, not originally provided by the product`s manufacturer, sparked plans to develop networking FAQs for the site.

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