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With the most complete data feed management solution available and the exclusive Comparison Shopping Optimization process, Commerce Data Syndication provides complete control of comparison shopping sites to the online retailer.

Measuring the Success of Comparison Shopping Optimization

Commerce Data Syndication helps retailers achieve their goals with regard to using comparison shopping sites. Here`s how:

  • Reducing IT Costs – Data feed management can be expensive to create and support internally, so outsourcing is an excellent alternative that can significantly reduce costs. Channel Intelligence has already built the infrastructure and the relationships with the comparison shopping sites, so the cost of this service can be substantially lower than a homegrown solution.
  • Increasing Traffic – Products that do not appear at comparison shopping sites simply don`t get any traffic. The Comparison Shopping Optimization process ensures that the retailer`s products appear at these sites. The result is increased traffic, which in many cases can be significant depending on the popularity of the missing products.
  • Improving Sales Conversion Rates – Poorly placed products tend to have poor conversion rates, so optimizing product placement will improve those conversion rates. Business rules may be easily defined to suppress specific products or categories with lower conversion rates. By focusing marketing dollars on products that convert into sales rather than on products that just get traffic, the effectiveness of the marketing program will improve dramatically.
  • Focusing on Profitability – For retailers focused on profitability rather than sales, product margin and product-specific marketing costs can be incorporated into the product profitability analysis. Products (or categories of products) that are not profitable to promote at a comparison shopping site can be suppressed from that site, thus increasing the profitability of the marketing program.

Most importantly, the robust tracking and reporting tools provide the metrics needed to measure success. This is the ultimate level of control that online retailers seek. Eliminate the guess work and know exactly how their marketing programs are doing, and have the ability to take action on that information.

Next Steps

For more information on the Commerce Data Syndication service from Channel Intelligence, or the Comparison Shopping Optimization process, please contact a Channel Intelligence sales representative at:

Phone: +1 321-559-2300 x2393

E-Mail: retailsales@channelintelligence.com

Click here to learn more about this solution.

Channel Intelligence can provide a free data feed analysis to show specifically how Commerce Data Syndication incorporates the Comparison Shopping Optimization process to improve results at a selected comparison shopping site.

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