August 24, 2005, 12:00 AM

How 35,000 online stores got an upgrade

Yahoo’s e-commerce platform for merchants, Yahoo Merchant Solutions, debuts the beta version of a completely redesigned checkout process. The goal: more conversions and less cart abandonment in time for Q4.


In time to get any bugs worked out of the system prior to Q4, Yahoo is launching the beta version of a completely redesigned checkout process for its e-commerce platform for merchants, Yahoo Merchant Solutions, which now powers checkout on an estimated 35,000 e-commerce sites, the company announced. The improvements, specifically geared toward boosting conversion rates and reducing shopping cart abandonment, are based on extensive research of merchant preferences and online consumer shopping behavior, according to the company.

New features of Yahoo’s Checkout Manager include single or multi-page checkout options so the merchant can choose the checkout process that maximizes conversions among its customer base. New shipping and coupon calculators added to the shopping cart page allow shoppers to easily determine the entire cost of a purchase at the beginning or end of checkout.

In addition, the redesign gives merchants more control of checkout page content and fields so they can collect information unique to their businesses, determine how and where fields are displayed on the page, and build in better help resources for shoppers during checkout to facilitate purchases. Also added is the ability for merchants to customize the visual design of the checkout page so as to ensure a consistent look with the merchant’s site, and the ability to control the font, colors and other formatting and content displayed in designated areas throughout the site.


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