August 4, 2005, 12:00 AM

Analytics shed light on campaigns, opportunities at

An analytics tool set points the way toward smarter keyword buys and more on-site conversions at Among the data-driven improvements, a pop-up targets shoppers abandoning loaded carts at check-out with an additional offer.

Avon is realizing results from changes it’s made on and in its keyword campaigns based on analytic data gathered though Omniture’s analytics tool set, according to Pattiann McAdams, executive director of North America e-commerce for Avon. The analytic reports, she says, have provided critical feedback on which search engines and which keywords drive the most visitors to, which ranks No. 21 in the Internet Retailer Top 400 Guide to Retail Web Sites.

“Omniture pointed directly to the keywords that generated the most sales,” says McAdams. That lets it leverage those words further; for example, Avon can now determine if a high volume of traffic coming from a particular search engine tends to buy a particular product and if remerchandising that product on the page will boost conversions. “It’s also helped us understand optimum positioning of the words and told us when we were cannibalizing sales by buying additional keywords,” McAdams says.


McAdams adds the analytics tool set also has provided the ability to look at the site`s points of customer exit and strategize around them. “It’s a loss of opportunity if we don`t make changes in areas where there is a high concentration of people exiting,” she says. For example, has used analytic data to better manage abandonment at checkout.

“We used analytics to formulate an abandonment pop-up that targeted shoppers at a certain basket threshold, to try to convert them at that time with an additional incremental offer,” says McAdams. “That was substantial in driving a significant reduction in exit rates from that point.”

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