July 14, 2005, 12:00 AM

How print catalogs help drive online sales at Aerosoles

Aerosoles squeezes more out of its print catalogs by putting them up on its site. That drives interest in the print catalog by giving online shoppers a preview before it hits mailboxes, while extending the catalog’s life by keeping it available online.

With a tight integration of its catalog and web strategy and particular attention to strategic timing, shoemaker Aerosoles is squeezing more out of its print catalogs by putting the catalogs up online. “The online catalog is a critical component of our multi-channel strategy,” says Jeff Barney, director of sales and marketing for catalog and Internet at Aerosoles. “By joining our catalog and web channels, we reinforce our brand and send a consistent message to the market.”

The e-catalog, an online replica of the print catalog powered by RichFx Inc. technology that allows Aerosoles.com visitors to flip its pages, complements catalog sales by allowing customers to preview the print catalog before it arrives in their mailboxe, according to Barney. Putting the catalog online also extends the life of the print catalogs as a collection of recent catalogs is kept available for viewing on the site. Since the catalog went online on the site, conversions have increased by 15% to 20% and average order value is up 10% to 15%. Online catalog users make up about 12% to 20% of Aerosole’s customer base, according to Barney.

Aerosoles supports the online catalog by prominently displaying catalog functionality on the site as well as sending e-mails that feature the online catalog option. From an operational standpoint, leveraging the print catalog online enables the company to utilize catalog photography to merchandize products on the site. Barney notes that with the existing photography and RichFX template, it takes Aerosoles only about two hours to put a new catalog up online.

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