May 2, 2005, 12:00 AM

Unleashing the Retailing Power of the Web

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Having to manage extensive dealer and original-equipment manufacturer networks plus their own web sites requires automakers to develop multi-tiered Internet marketing strategies. Steve St. Andre will discuss how Ford is helping dealers and OEMs identify quality sales leads faster, deliver content on Ford`s site that consumers need to make a purchasing decision, and create a life-cycle marketing strategy for each customer. "The aim is to work closer with our affiliates and improve our site tools to gain optimal results," St. Andre says.


Sam Taylor, senior vice president, Best Buy Co. Inc.

Bringing the Store to the Web and the Web to the Store

Communicating real-time store inventories to web shoppers and implementing a system for ordering online and picking up at the store is a huge technical and personnel training challenge. Sam Taylor will talk about why overcoming these challenges is worth the effort and discuss Best Buy`s experience implementing web-ordering and store-pick-up, the success Best Buy has had, the challenges it faced and the benefits it derives.

Paula Tompkins, CEO and founder, ChannelNet

Cross-Selling in the Store

When ChannelNet developed an in-dealership kiosk in 1996 to help Ford Motor Co. up-sell and cross-sell car buyers, it represented a state-of-the-art advancement in retail up-selling. Tompkins will show retailers why web-based cross-selling and up-selling on kiosks are important and how retailers should invest in the right technology and personnel. Tompkins will also discuss the benchmarking of best salespeople when developing content for kiosks. "A system should mimic the best practices of top salespeople," she says.


Dana VanDen Huevel, founder & CEO, BlogSavant

Way New Marketing: Harnessing Blogs and Social Networking

Weblogs, a.k.a. blogs, have evolved from personal diaries into one of the fastest growing forms of marketing and communications on the web. Yet for all the hype surrounding blogs, most companies know little about them. Dana VanDen Heuvel unlocks the secrets to harnessing the power of blogs, and will tell how to use that power to deflect criticisms of a company by other bloggers and create stronger customer relationships though the social network around blogs.

Mary Brett Whitfield, senior vice president, Retail Forward Inc.

State of the Online Market: Where We`re At; Where We`re Going

A majority of all primary household consumers shop online at least once a month. Consequently, the Internet has vast power as an influencer of sales. "Many shoppers look to the web as a resource center for information on products, prices and trends," Mary Brett Whitfield says. Her presentation will exhibit Retail Forward`s proprietary consumer research, and show ways that retailers can leverage the web as a contribution channel as well as a distribution channel.


Scot Wingo, president, ChannelAdvisor Corp.

What Retailers Need to Know About Selling on eBay

From a platform that supported a nationwide garage sale, eBay has become a significant retail outlet for overstocks, returns and even first-run merchandise. Scot Wingo of ChannelAdvisor Corp., which provides support systems for eBay sellers, will tell retailers what they need to know to sell on eBay--how to set up shop, how to choose merchandise that will sell, what they get out of eBay, how to measure ROI of eBay sales vs. other sales and how to measure the impact of new customers acquired through eBay.


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