May 2, 2005, 12:00 AM

Unleashing the Retailing Power of the Web

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David Liu, cofounder/CEO, The Knot

The Long-Term Market: Impact of the Echo Generation

Today`s Echo Generation is the first generation raised in the Internet age and it is more attuned to interacting online than veging in front of the TV. David Liu will discuss how companies should grow up with their audience on the web. He will address why the Echo Generation is not only web-savvy, but also web-dependent and will outline how to establish a successful lifestage-oriented brand that fosters consumer loyalty and follows consumers` evolution through life.


Noah Maffitt, director, e-commerce, Office Depot Inc.

Web Kiosks: More Options, More Inventory, More Sales

When it comes to in-store kiosks, it`s tough to beat Office Depot. Noah Maffitt will explain how kiosks fit into Office Depot`s efforts to create a seamless shopping experience, whether the customer is shopping online, receiving home delivery, researching an item before coming to a store, or browsing from an in-store kiosk. Maffitt attributes Office Depot`s e-commerce success to focusing on certain key elements.


Martin McClanan, president, Flax Art & Design

Can the Web Expand the Market for Catalog Merchants?

While most catalogers say they intend to keep mailing some form of catalog as a way to drive customers to their web sites, the Internet has put catalogers in competition with retail chains who know all about TV, radio and newspaper advertising--marketing lessons that catalogers will need to learn. Martin McClanan will discuss how the web has expanded the market for catalogers, the future of the catalog and how successful catalogers will adapt to the new marketing reality.


Nate Miller, director of e-commerce, Northern Tool

Site Search: The Under-Utilized Super Tool

Site search can be one of the most powerful tools to boost conversion rates, average order size and customer satisfaction. "But search is more than just one tool--it actually takes a small toolbox to get the best results," Nate Miller says. Aimed at retailers seeking a search tool as well as those looking to get more out of their investment in search, his talk will cover the latest in search and merchandising technology as deployed at Northern Tool, and lessons learned in site search and deployment.


Susie Obst, marketing manager,

Affiliate Marketing: Playing to Your Strengths

While some retailers have cut back on their affiliate programs, others are keeping their numbers high but screening potential affiliates much more carefully. Susie Obst will discuss why likes to have an extensive affiliate program, how it decides who`s in and who`s not and the management challenges companies face as their affiliate programs mature.


Eric Peterson, site technology and operations analyst, Jupiter Research

Harnessing Analytics to Create a Better Shopping Experience

A surprisingly large number of online companies don`t distribute web analytics data to key departments that could use it, according to Eric Peterson, author of the Jupiter report, "Key Performance Indicators--Using Analytics to Drive Action." Peterson will detail how to identify key performance indicators so managers who need the information can get it quickly and in a form that they can act on.


Scott Savitz, president,

Selling at the Online Malls

Online malls can boost traffic to an Internet retailer`s business, but choosing the right mall is complex. Scott Savitz will examine the value proposition of online malls, outline the investment a retailer can expect when affiliating with an online mall, detail the marketing challenges, and discuss how to assess whether a mall fits your business model. "Internet retailers need the tools to properly assess the different mall venues to recognize their true value," says Savitz.

Ranjana Sharma, e-commerce manager, Anthropologie

Making the Shopping Visit Compelling with Rich Media

Fashion and home dÈcor retailer Anthropologie offers zoom and alternative views of products as well as its catalogs in an interactive format at its web site. Ranjana Sharma will discuss the challenges of coordinating catalog and web merchandise, including creating images suitable for zoom, alternate views, and display both on and off models; syncing up inventory between the catalog and what`s in stock; and offering interaction between catalog and web site content.

Chris Shimojima, vice president and general manager, Customer Direct, Sears Holdings Corp.

What Retailers Need to Know About Selling on eBay

Many large retailers have found a second online home at eBay--including Sears, one of the biggest. Chris Shimojima will discuss how Sears uses eBay, what kind of merchandise sells best at eBay, how order processing and customer relations differ at eBay from Sears` own web site, what new technologies and procedures Sears needed to learn to sell effectively at eBay and how Sears may use eBay and similar sites in the future.

Stormy Simon, vice president, offline advertising, Inc.

Media Advertising: Making the Big Splash-- and Why It Will Work This Time

Despite the enormous amounts that some pure plays wasted on Super Bowl and other TV network advertising a few years ago, online retailers have returned to advertising in traditional media. Stormy Simon will discuss why has been one of the most aggressive television advertisers in the e-retailing field, explain why the company has adopted that marketing technique and what it has learned in the process.


Geoff Smith, president of e-commerce and new business development, Personal Creations

Site Search: The Under-Utilized Super Tool

Personal Creations, cataloger and online marketer of personalized gifts, did two A-B split tests to gauge how customers use site search. Geoff Smith will share the results and discuss the analysis it went through as it implemented site search. With the Celebros site search application, the company has learned that "a lot of customers don`t search on our site--they browse." Smith will reveal the results his company has achieved with a dedicated site search tool and how Personal Creations uses site search to generate merchandising ideas.

Steve St. Andre, president, FordDirect

Why Detroit Is Driving to the Web

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