May 2, 2005, 12:00 AM

Unleashing the Retailing Power of the Web

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Larry Freed, president and CEO, ForeSee Results

Top 40 Retail Satisfaction Index

Larry Freed will provide a snapshot of how well the top 40 online retailers (from Internet Retailer`s Top 400) are satisfying browsers at their sites. Using the American Customer Satisfaction Index methodology, a quantitative measure of satisfaction and its impact on customer behavior, the Top 40 Retail Satisfaction Index will highlight the top performers in the eyes of their customers, identify key satisfaction trends and offer insights into the satisfaction-influenced dynamics of multi-channel, pure-play and manufacturer-direct categories.


Lauren Freedman, president, the e-tailing group inc.

Personalization Plus: Right Content, Right Shopper, Right Time

Lauren Freedman will address personalized web merchandising, its evolution and how organizations can efficiently deliver personalization online. She will leverage the findings from the e-tailing group`s recent Marketing Benchmarking Survey which focused on personalization and segmentation, highlighting key industry metrics. She will showcase best-in-class execution among merchants and suggest steps merchants can take.


David Fry, president, Fry Inc.

Web Site Designs that Sell

Web site design plays a major a role in the sales process. David Fry explains how Fry Inc., which specializes in branding and merchandising strategies, creates a site that removes friction from the shopping experience. From managing technical limitations to coordinating information and processes throughout the enterprise so customers can shop in the way that works best for them, Fry shows how to design a site that builds customer confidence in the Internet retail site.


Pinny Gniwisch, executive vice president,

Search Engine Marketing: Managing Search for ROI

Search marketing keeps gaining ground among online retailers, but buying keywords amounts to throwing dollars away if search programs don`t produce a return. ROI requires a deeper look at how visitors behave on the site once search brings them there. Pinny Gniwisch explains how gets more out of search with close attention to optimizing pages around generic and specific keywords, based on the landing pages through which search delivers visitors to the site.


Steve Hawco, vice president, Lego Shop at Home

Harnessing Analytics to Create a Better Shopping Experience

One of the issues in web analytics today is the "great cookie debate." "Because customers are deleting cookies, it`s creating false data in your web analytics package," Steve Hawco says. Hawco will show what Lego has done in web analytics--most notably, marrying Lego`s online data with offline data to see if Lego and its affiliates are getting a true picture of their buying audience. "If consumers are deleting cookies, you can lose commissions even if you`re driving traffic to a particular site," he says.


Ron Henderson, CEO, Auntie`s Beads

The Small Retailer Experience: Success Stories from Scratch

Having started in a garage, Auntie`s Beads has grown into a multi-channel retailer with international sales. Ron Henderson will explain how the company uses the web to build communities of customers who participate in the Bead Mavens newsgroup and who e-mail Henderson through a "Talk to the CEO" feature. Auntie`s Beads also monitors orders by ZIP Code to determine where it has enough customers to open stores. "We have a national customer base that can`t wait for us to open a store in their area," Henderson says.


Dan Hess, senior vice president, comScore Networks Inc.

State of the Online Market: Where We`re At; Where We`re Going

"Five years ago, we thought no one would buy jewelry and watches online--now, that`s one of the fastest growing categories," says Dan Hess. Hess`s presentation will feature highlights from comScore`s five years of tracking e-commerce to show how the online marketplace has changed. Hess will look at top-line growth as well as unexpected twists and turns in category dynamics. He will also present new data on online consumers` attitudes.


David Himes, senior vice president, NewRoads

Outsourced Customer Service: The New Eyes and Ears of Retailers

A good outsourced customer service arrangement continues to provide the retailer with customer input regarding such issues as product quality, company policies and service problems. David Himes will give real-life examples of how customer service companies can provide continuous customer feedback to retailers. "A lot of retailers are afraid that if they outsource customer service, they lose touch with the customer. That doesn`t have to happen," Himes says.


David Jilk, CEO, Xaffire Inc.

Being Ever Vigilant: Don`t Become an Online Horror Story

A site`s computer hardware and connectivity can have problems at any time, and the need for monitoring is obvious. "But today, the application software and content are also changing frequently, leaving little time for quality assurance before moving these changes into production," says David Jilk. Users may encounter not only performance issues but also software bugs, browser-specific display problems, confusing navigation and layout, and content mismatches. "New monitoring technologies enable sites to be vigilant about the user experience at the crucial application layer," Jilk says.


Anne Kelly, president, Junonia

Two Approaches to Outsourcing Fulfillment

The decision to outsource order fulfillment is never easy, but for plus size activewear retailer Junonia, it was the right one. Anne Kelly will share her experiences in moving from internal fulfillment to an outsourcer. Kelly will discuss what expectations an online retailer should have, how to find the right firm and how to manage the fulfillment house. "We have done fulfillment ourselves and we have outsourced it and we now have a system that works," says Kelly.


Jennifer Korch, director of Internet marketing, Waterford

Brand Name Manufacturers: New Opportunities on the Web

Jennifer Korch says it`s a question that comes up frequently when her team is making decisions about Are we thinking like a manufacturer or like a retailer? In having its own online store as well as a major presence in department and specialty stores, Waterford is both. Korch will discuss how Waterford balances those roles to keep retail partners happy while going direct to consumers online, and how retailers can work with brand sites to leverage what they offer and drive store business.

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