May 2, 2005, 12:00 AM

Unleashing the Retailing Power of the Web

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Bill Broadbent, president, T-Shirt King

Selling at the Online Malls

Many established retailers are selling at the online malls. Bill Broadbent will discuss the benefits that T-Shirt King, a small online retailer who operates its own web site and is known for developing its own technology, derives from selling at online malls, how it broadens the reach for T-Shirt King and brings new customers. He will also address the challenges of keeping inventory current and servicing customers.


Joan Broughton, senior vice president, REI

Coordinating the Web Experience and the Store Experience

REI has learned that in multi-channel retailing, coordinating its two strong sales channels--stores and online--is essential. "The technology that supports both channels needs to work well, but even more challenging are the people and process changes," Broughton says. Getting a self-serve online shopping experience to blend with and support a store sales force focused on superior customer service is not always easy. But in this session, Broughton will show how it can work. "When it does, everyone wins," she says.


Ken Burke, president, MarketLive

Web Site Designs that Sell

Applying the resources to anticipate customer needs and provide high-touch customer service means little if a retailer adopts a cookie-cutter web design. Ken Burke of MarketLive, provider of web site development and e-commerce sales tools, discusses how design can differentiate a web site from competitors` and turn clicks into sales. "A thoughtfully designed web site not only sharpens the customer`s focus on offerings, but can also attract new shoppers, improve retention, reduce abandonment rates and increase profits."


Carol Carpenter, director of product marketing, Keynote Systems

Being Ever Vigilant: Don`t Become an Online Horror Story

As an expert in service level management, Carol Carpenter will discuss how to solve problems on a site before they occur and how critical it is to define service levels, then monitor a site`s performance from the end user perspective. She will answer such vital questions as how to maintain high service levels to ensure that a retail site is providing the kind of experience customers expect. She will provide examples and case studies to illustrate what retailers should be thinking about.


Alison Castle, vice president of operations, eToys Direct

Delivery Options: Finding the Most Expedient Order Delivery Service

Alison Castle will detail how eToys Direct chooses its parcel shipping carriers. She will discuss the types of services the company`s carriers provide and why those services are important to eToys. "I will drill down on how we use three primary parcel carriers plus LTL (less than truck load) carriers," she says, "and how we move our goods out of our warehouse to our consumers."


Don Cohen, managing partner, Tool King

The Small Retailer Experience: Success Stories from Scratch

As a retailer that launched his online channel by testing sales of power drills on eBay, Don Cohen knows what it takes to start small and grow without taking on costly overhead. He`ll talk about how Tool King leverages arrangements such as drop-shipping and outsourcing to keep costs down and customer service and profit levels up. "We`ve learned how to leverage the Internet to change quickly as we grow," he says.


Steve Craig, CTO,

Two Approaches to Outsourcing Fulfillment

No matter how good a customer service department is, it can be undermined by poor shipping. Steve Craig discusses the ins and outs of drop shipping, explaining how to economically deliver merchandise as large as a treadmill, select a quality drop shipping partner and oversee all aspects of drop shipping to maintain the highest level of quality, from effectively handling back orders to troubleshooting calls from customers checking order status.


Chuck Davis, president and CEO, Shopzilla Inc.

Shopping Comparison Sites: What Every Retailer Needs to Know

Comparison shopping sites abound on the Internet so it is no easy task for a retailer to find ones that best meet its needs. Chuck Davis says it`s worth the effort. He will discuss how comparison shopping sites can provide retailers with millions of qualified leads each week and key benefits to working with these sites. Shopzilla, formerly, works with 50,000 merchants and 25 million products from across the Internet.

Joe Devine, CTO,

Personalization Plus: Right Content, Right Shopper, Right Time

One of online supermarkets` toughest challenges is getting store customers to shop online. Joe Devine discusses how uses customer shopping data gathered in the store to identify candidates for online shopping, then creates incentives that bring them to the site, such as creating a virtual shopping list by presenting frequently bought items and custom offers to generate sales in new or rarely visited categories. The aim, says Devine, is to show customers items they actually buy, rather than items like what they buy.


Beth Enslow, vice president, Aberdeen Research

Delivery Options: Finding the Most Expedient Order Delivery Service

Choosing delivery options is not as easy for retailers as it once was and Beth Enslow will help attendees analyze the process. Enslow will discuss delivery services and how online retailers can utilize them to reduce costs and improve delivery. "Retailers used to offer several delivery options through a single vendor," says Enslow. "But with increased service options, choosing a service is more complex. Retailers need to get smarter and use multiple vendors."


Jeff Foster, executive vice president, Retail Decisions Inc.

Maurice Nicholson, director, payment management, Columbia House

Mike Yakel, vice president, emerging products, Visa U.S.A.

Taking Charge of Online Chargebacks

Merchants and their payments processors have adopted a number of strategies to fight online fraud. This panel will focus on the value of Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode and other authentication methods available in the market. Panelists will discuss successes and challenges of various methods, what new methods of fraud control merchants can look forward to and the future of authentication programs. They will also weigh the balance between preventing fraud and putting obstacles in the way of buyers.

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