February 1, 2005, 12:00 AM

Web application management platform tracks how customer sessions go awry

TeaLeaf’s new release boosts basic capacity and adds new features. That lets Tower Records CSRs recreate archived web visitor sessions in one click and resolve glitches in online customer experience more quickly.


The new release of TeaLeaf Technology’s RealiTea web applications management platform went live this week but it’s already helping to cut problem resolution time at TowerRecords.com, one of TeaLeaf’s earliest customers and a beta user of the new release for more than a month, says Kevin Ertell, vice president of e-commerce at Tower. In addition to boosting the capabilities of its existing platform, the new release adds features such as a CSR search panel that lets Tower customer service reps recreate archived customer web sessions on the site with one click.

“It’s really helped them get into specific customer service sessions more quickly. That feature gets used a lot,” says Ertell. It is helping to resolve more customer calls regarding glitches in the online experience on first contact, a key factor in providing a quality customer experience as long as shoppers take unexpected routes through the site. “Customers still keep going where you don’t think they’ll go,” Ertell says.

One recent example was a customer who filled out gift card information first, then backed up to enter other order information outside the anticipated sequence, which generated error messages as she attempted to fill out her order online. The CSR Search panel allowed Tower’s team to isolate that user’s session, identify the events leading to the problem and resolve it more quickly, according to Ertell. It also is helping to guide future development that anticipates more new paths a customer might take, reducing the possibility of future, similar issues for other customers.

Other feature add-ons to the new release include eBusiness scorecards that rate the business health of an application in executive-level summaries and trend views of key functionality and features against defined business goals; and a data extractor that lifts out customer session data in a format that can be readily integrated with other data sources for a cross-channel customer view.

Key enhancements to the existing application management platform include event analysis and performance reports, expanded security capability to protect customer data privacy during problem resolution and increased scalability to accommodate the needs of high-volume sites.


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