January 19, 2005, 12:00 AM

Web sales grow 9.5% at Quixtar.com in 2004

Quixtar.com, the e-commerce and direct marketing subsidiary of Alticor, which also owns Amway, recorded 2004 web sales of $748 million, a 9.5% increase over online sales of $683 million in 2003. Quixtar has been increasing products available online.


2004 was a healthy year for online health and beauty retailer Quixtar.com. The e-commerce and direct marketing subsidiary of Alticor Inc., which also owns Amway, recorded 2004 web sales of $748 million, compared to online sales of $683 million in 2003. “We had our biggest year yet,” says Randy Bancino, Quixtar vice president of sales and marketing. “We continue to expand our health and beauty product line.”

In addition to more than 100 product additions-including Sports Nutrition, a new line of sports nutritional foods and related merchandise-Quixtar is introducing new diet and skin care products and expanding its total inventory of SKUs to more than 16,000.

Quixtar’s main site users are thousands of affiliates it calls independent business owners. In 2004, Quixtar expanded its e-commerce site to include more options for Hispanic and French Canadian site users. “We tapped into the Hispanic sales channel even more and doubled our business there,” Bancino says.

In September Quixtar also relauched its e-commerce site with an entirely new look and better tools and programs for navigation, check-out and content management, says CIO Heather Anderson. “We rolled out a more robust and friendly site that’s more intuitive and includes the changes our independent business owners were looking for,” she says.

About 60% of Quixtar’s total online merchandise is health, beauty and wellness products, the company says.


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