December 9, 2004, 12:00 AM

Sales at up 27% after analytics highlight needed site changes

Web sales experience a 27% lift after cellular provider T-Mobile makes analytics-driven site changes. Analytics are also at the basis of improvements that drive 67% more site visitors to self-service areas, resulting in call center cost savings.

Online orders increased 27% and the use of self-service features by customers increased at the web site of cellular phone provider T-Mobile after T-Mobile altered areas in need of improvement that were highlighted by WebTrends analytics, the company reports. “We used WebTrends to set the baseline, show us the areas that needed changes and then to validate those changes with results at each step in the process,” says Melissa Cornwell, business intelligence analyst for T-Mobile.

WebTrends Conversion funnel analysis identified key drop-off points in its shopping cart process, such as a high exit rate of an accessories page that had been located in the middle of checkout. Removing that page and making other changes streamlined checkout to bring more people deeper into completing the process. “We got more people further into the decision process so they were more likely to complete it,” says Cornwell.

Additional changes that made certain features of the site more prominent helped T-Mobile achieve a second goal of reducing costs for the call center by encouraging more customers to use online self-service. By adjusting the site to make features leading to self-service more visible, saw a 67% growth in traffic to those areas from site visitors. With the average cost per customer contact about 24 cents versus a much higher cost per phone contact, increasing customers’ use of self-service resulted in “significant cost savings per month,” Cornwell says.

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