October 26, 2004, 12:00 AM

Adding natural search optimization boosts traffic by 43% at Eastwood.com

Eastwood.com expands its search program beyond paid keywords to include natural search optimization with the help of OneUpWeb. Within six weeks, top 10 listings of 40 terms tracked across search engines is up by more than 1172%.

While auto restoration gear retailer The Eastwood Company’s internally-managed paid search program draws traffic to its web site, Eastwood had done virtually no page optimization for natural search. But within six weeks of implementing an optimization program with the help of search marketing services provider OneUpWeb, Eastwood.com saw a 43% increase in visitor traffic and boosted top-ten positions among 40 keywords it tracked across several search engines by more than 1172%, the company reports.

Five year-old Eastwood.com is an outgrowth of Eastwood’s 26 year-old catalog. While it viewed its paid search program as effective, Eastwood believed its lack of optimization for natural search was costing it traffic and online sales. To start that optimization process, OneUpWeb and Eastwood first identified the keywords used most successfully in Eastwood’s paid search program for use in natural optimization as well. They identified additional words for natural search optimization by reviewing the language Eastwood used in its promotional materials.

In addition, OneUpWeb identified and worked with Eastwood in identifying and removing structural barriers to web crawlers, such as frames, so as to make the site’s pages more search engine spider-friendly. To measure the effects of the new optimization program, Eastwood installed OneUpWeb’s ROI trax analytics to track traffic and conversion data. Specifically, the analytics package showed Eastwood which engines and keywords were providing the best results.

In addition to the gain in visitor traffic and the increase in the number of times its 40 selected keywords appeared within the top 10 listings on relevant searches across various search engines, the program also boosted keyword positions within the top 30 results by more than 1231%, according to Eastwood.

“It’s helped us reach a larger audience of qualified buyers, including those who are skeptical of paid search for any reason,” says Peter Kosciewicz, Eastwood’s director of e-commerce, of the natural search optimization effort. “And it’s a more cost effective way to market the site.”

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