August 6, 2004, 12:00 AM

Internet-based data synch network launches for retailers and suppliers

The Internet-based Global Data Synchronization Network launched this week as a means for retailers and suppliers to share product information.


The Internet-based Global Data Synchronization Network launched this week as a means for retailers and suppliers across multiple international markets to share product information that is accurate, up-to-date and compliant with global data standards.

The GDSN launched in two steps. Its sponsoring agencies, the U.S.-based data standards organization Uniform Code Council Inc. and its European counterpart, EAN International, went live this week with the GS1 Global Registry, a central web-based data repository where trading partners can post and find company and product information. GS1 will also become the new single name for the combined EAN and UCC on Jan. 1, 2005.

The second step was reached Thursday, when several business organizations completed a beta test to prove the interoperability of multiple data pools of information on companies in different industries and regions. The tests were completed by WorldWide Retail Exchange, Transora, UCCnet, bTrade Inc., Global eXchange Services, Sterling Commerce and CABASnet.

The GDSN enables participating trading partners to assure they are using the same product information when processing purchase orders and invoices, and it supports collaboration between retailers and suppliers, experts say.

“Interoperability has always been and continues to be an important focus for the WWRE and its customers,” said Jimmy Kim, director of WorldWide Item Management for the WWRE. “We have hit another milestone through the completion of this test, which enables us to truly connect WWRE members with all of their trading partners.”

Retailers using the WWRE for global data synchronization, he adds, will be better able to participate in advanced commerce services, such as direct store delivery and scan-based trading.


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