May 5, 2004, 12:00 AM

Introducing Our Top 300 Guide

This is a unique publication which accomplishes something never done before.

In one month, Internet Retailer will introduce its first new information product since it launched IRNewsLink three years ago. Entitled the Top 300 Guide, this new annual directory ranks America`s 300 largest retail web sites based on their 2003 Internet sales. For each of these leading e-retailing operations, the Guide also reveals annual sales growth rates, web traffic and conversion rates, average ticket size, number of SKUs on the site, key solutions vendors used, top management and corporate contact information.

As important as the metrics on each retail web site ranked in the Top 300 Guide are the profiles that our researchers have written on each e-retailing operation. Every profile contains vital competitive information on each e-retailer`s corporate strategy, history of development and on the marketing and merchandising tactics that succeeded in putting the business among the ranks of the largest and most successful web retailing enterprises.

In short, this is an extremely unique publication which accomplishes something never done before. As you might imagine, collecting all this information on the 300 largest retail web sites was not easy, and in fact, required a $30,000 investment in research alone. The effort was headed by an extremely skilled journalist, Mark Brohan, who was the founding editor of Internet Retailer and is now the president of the Brohan Group.

We made this investment for two reasons. First, Internet Retailer prides itself on being the most important source of credible and practical information on the e-retailing industry. Publishing a Guide that provides so much detailed information on the leaders of that industry reinforces our own position as the leading trade information provider to this business. Second, the Top 300 Guide helps us to fulfill our mission of providing competitors in the web retailing market with information they will find useful in their own efforts to succeed. We believe that an objective and detailed analysis of the biggest players in web retailing provides everyone else with instructive tips for advancing their e-retailing operations. The largest competitors in a market do not have all the answers, of course, but they have done many things right to get where they are, and emulating their success begins with knowing something about their success.

To get that knowledge, you`ll have to pay a modest fee of $39 for your copy of the Top 300 Guide, a charge we had to impose to offset the expense of researching and producing this publication. But I stake our reputation for editorial leadership in e-retailing by making this promise: This relatively small investment on your part will pay for itself many times over in the amount of competitive intelligence you will derive from it. It just may be the best investment you make.


Jack Love


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