April 5, 2004, 12:00 AM

NetIQ’s WebTrends 7 uses new graphics approach to display analytic data

Visual Analytics provide an alternative to tables and charts. WebTrends metrics are delivered how and where users want to integrate with other business tools and offer one single view of performance.


WebTrends 7, the new version of NetIQ Corp.’s WebTrends analytics product, uses a new graphical approach in displaying results that makes data easier to understand and use across a wider range of corporate departments, says Greg Drew, senior vice president and general manager of the web analytics business unit of NetIQ.

“Analytics deployments are getting larger, with web analytics being used across more functional areas and initiatives,” says Drew. “Web analytics has become indispensable to a broad set of business users across an organization.” The new version, he adds, has broadened its scope to be more user friendly, beyond webmasters and marketing managers, to any executives who are responsible for web-based objectives, by making results easier to comprehend and easier to integrate with other data.

Version 7 uses Visual Analytics for data presentation as an alternative to tables and charts. The graphic presentation makes complex reports easier to interpret and allows users to graphically visualize customers` pathways through a site, identifying drop-off points and routes to conversion. WebTrends` SmartView feature also allows business users to evaluate page real estate as they browse results on their site.

Version 7 is equipped to generate answers to business questions on the fly rather than simply depending the pre-set parameters of static reports to mine analytic data. Customers can explore everything from the performance of advertising partners to campaign creative results in one view to gauge the effectives of various marketing activities, according to the company.

In addition, WebTrends 7 delivers metrics to users how and where they want to use them. For example, analytic data from a campaign can be integrated easily with other business tools such as Microsoft’s Excel for cross-channel analytics, or delivered to a user`s desktop through the day via WebTrends’ Express Results viewer. The flexibility in how and how often results are delivered enables users to incorporate web metrics into overall business planning, according to WebTrends. “We are growing from tactical to strategic use with what`s new in Version 7," says Drew.


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