February 23, 2004, 12:00 AM

The analytics service formerly known as HitBox: HBX debuts

WebSideStory’s hosted, on-demand HBX analytics product features a new name and new functionality that blends real-time data collection with enhanced ability to mine visitor behavior. New features include customizable user dashboards.

With the launch of new functionality that blends real-time data collection with the ability to mine visitor data by individual browsing session, WebSideStory Inc. releases HBX, the latest version of its hosted, on-demand analytics service. The name of the new product, which replaces both the HitBox Enterprise and HitBox Commerce services, designates the 10th version of the service.

New features of the service includes customizable dashboards that can be configured to help users make quick decisions by presenting key performance indicators graphically as gauges and interactive charts that visibly plot site performance against site goals. Also new with HBX is affinity reporting, which allows users to see relationship between multiple pages or content group so as to maximize cross selling.

Other new features rolled into HBX include enhanced internal search reporting to show data on relevant searches, failed searches, search conversions and more; as well as easy implementation of A/B testing, which lets users test the effects of alterations to web site marketing or design. The new service also offers a feature called conversion events to track the success of different types of conversion beyond sales, such as the completion of lead forms or demo downloads, which can then be tied to other key site metrics.

“Web analytics can deliver great value but it needs to be straightforward and easy to use,” says Guy Crease, research director at research firm The Aberdeen Group. “WebSideStory understands this and has done a good job of championing this theme.”

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