January 16, 2004, 12:00 AM

GXS to acquire Haht Commerce for behind-the-firewall integration

Global eXchange Services said it will acquire demand chain management vendor Haht Commerce for $30 million in cash and stock. The deal gives GXS a stronger position in b2b data integration, an analyst says.

Global eXchange Services said it will acquire demand chain management vendor Haht Commerce for $30 million in cash and shares of GXS parent GXS Holdings. The deal gives GXS, a leading provider of b2b e-commerce software and services, stronger position in b2b data integration, said Kara Romanow, an analyst with AMR Research Inc.

Romanow noted that Haht provides GXS with an industry-leading behind-the-firewall data repository system that has been proven in the market with consumer products manufacturers. This will enable GXS to support back-end-to-back-end data integration between retailers and suppliers, though the Haht technology will require minor enhancements to make it suitable for retailers, Romanow said in an analytical report on the acquisition yesterday, adding that she expected GXS and Haht to quickly address that situation.

"The lack of accurate product item information between buyers and sellers in the retail community is a significant and costly problem," said GXS president and CEO Gary Greenfield. "By combining our products, services and staff resources, we’ll clearly establish ourselves as a ‘one stop shop’ to address this emerging multi-billion dollar opportunity."

"From a product and marketing standpoint, GXS’s acquisition of HAHT Commerce is a no-brainer and truly provides a complete data synchronization system," Romanow said.

GXS is not alone with a behind-the-firewall offering, however. Romanow said several other vendors, including Retek Inc., Evant Inc. and QRS Corp. have recently unveiled similar data repository systems.

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