October 31, 2003, 12:00 AM

Getting Results

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“For example, they would have a space or an illegal character, or a domain that didn’t exist. So we were paying for some e-mails that weren’t going anywhere,” Fraser says. By bringing that process back in-house with the assistance of Blue Martini’s software, the company was for the first time able to see the problem and fix it. After cleaning the e-mail list and taking ownership of the campaign management process, Iomega has seen a significant lift in click-through, open rate and order ratio, Fraser says.

Fraser says part of that lift is from better intelligence from the Blue Martini tools. She adds that improved data on e-mail campaign results has over time helped Iomega shape better campaigns. “We have been able to build a better process, a better quality of e-mails that are more actionable and that people respond to, because we are getting better data.” Fraser adds. “And part of the lift was probably because what we had been doing was diluted from bad e-mail addresses.”

Many marketers have defined e-CRM differently, and its definition now encompasses a widening a range of online activity that can reach from e-mail to analytics to customer retention and even customer service processes on the back end. In today’s online marketing environment, e-CRM can include all of those activities and all of the supporting technology and more, under definitions such as the one used at GSI Commerce. “We define CRM as the ability to generate or increase the lifetime value of customers for the benefit of both the company and its customers,” says Shah. “All you have to do is take a step toward your customer base, recognize what their interests are, and treat them accordingly.”

As e-retailers split customer information into ever-finer segments to present ever more-personalized pages and offers to those shoppers, they’d be wise to ensure that they’re building those efforts on a solid foundation. Or as Shah says, “You’re only as good as your data.”

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