June 26, 2003, 12:00 AM

New Google ad program opens 100,000 advertisers to virtually any web site

The dominant search engine company says a new self-service tool in its AdSense program will help a broader range of web sites get maximum use of their online advertising space.

Capitalizing on Google`s huge base of advertisers through its AdSense program is no longer just for the largest web site publishers, the search engine company says. "The nice thing about this program is that it`s an easy way for online retailers to have access to more than 100,000 advertisers with one piece of software code," Susan Wojcicki, director of product management, tells InternetRetailer.com.


Google says the AdSense program has worked so well with larger web site publishers that it wants to attract more online retailers and other web site operators of all sizes. A new self-service tool, which gives web sites more control of the ads that appear on their pages, is intended to increase participation by a larger number of sites, Wojcicki says.


Under Google`s AdSense program, online retailers and other web site operators can sign up to display Google AdWords, which are brief textual ads that link to the advertiser. In most cases, a web site can fit two or more text ads in the space of a typical banner ad or three to five text ads in the place of an average skyscraper ad, Google says.


Google pays the hosting web site a fee per click on each AdWords advertisement. There is no cost to the participating web sites, and Google handles all dealings with the advertisers.


Participating web sites can sign up for AdSense at Google.com/AdSense, where they must fill out an application form. Most web sites are accepted into the program, unless their content is unusually controversial or difficult to navigate, Wojcicki says. Once accepted, a web site operator is instructed to copy a short strip of HTML code from Google and paste into their web site management system. This enables Google to post AdWords advertisements to the approved web site, and it also lets the web site operator view how much revenue it`s generating from AdWords listings.


Although the participating web sites don`t get to preview the advertisers whose AdWords listings appear on their sites, Google tries to match ads with each web site`s content. This may at times result in a web site displaying an AdWords advertisement from a competitor, though Google says web sites should see this as a way to serve their visitors with a broader amount of information. "When I talk to retailers, I say this can be a very useful way to better focus on their shoppers` experience," Wojcicki says.


The AdSense program`s new self-service option lets web site operators delete any AdWords listing they don`t believe should be on their web site. Once they see an ad they don`t want on their site, they can log on to Google.com/AdSense to have the ad removed.


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