June 24, 2003, 12:00 AM

CVS rolls out a web-based kiosk hiring system

Pharmacy chain CVS says a system it has tested from Unicru Inc. is streamlining the way it finds the best employees and managers, including store managers and pharmacists.

CVS Corp., a national retail pharmacy chain with more than 4,000 stores, is rolling out a web-kiosk-based hiring system from Unicru Inc. to 1,100 locations after completing a test earlier this year. The test in 100 stores in the Northeast is being followed by a rollout in stores throughout the East Coast and in Michigan. CVS noted that it expects to continue to roll out the system in multiple stages as long as it continues to perform well.

Job applicants fill out forms at in-store kiosks, which then transfer the application information over the web to Unicru`s servers, where the information is processed and analyzed according to CVS-established parameters designed to judge the suitability of an applicant`s skills and experience for a particular employment position.

Within minutes, Unicru will send a report back to CVS about an applicant`s suitability. Applications for store manager or pharmacist positions move over the web to desktop computers at CVS headquarters. For applicants for other store positions, Unicru will fax a report to the appropriate store manager. In many cases, a hiring manager will receive a report before the applicant leaves the store, enabling the manager to quickly engage the applicant in an interview.

CVS also plans to integrate the Unicru system with its back-end payroll and other software systems. A manager who hires an applicant sends a message through the kiosk to alert Unicru to forward the applicant`s information to back-end systems at CVS headquarters. In addition, CVS plans to integrate the Unicru system with a web-based system from HireCheck for conducting automated background checks.


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