February 28, 2003, 12:00 AM

Computer hardware remains the most popular online seller, comScore reports

Consumers spent $10 billion on online computer purchases last year, up 28% from the year before. Highest growth among major product categories was in home and garden, up 66% to $2 billion.


Computer hardware continues to top the list of retail products sold online, comScore Networks Inc. reports. ComScore today released the top 10 categories in 2002 and their growth rates from 2001 sales:
• Computer hardware: $10.1 billion, up 28%
• Apparel and accessories: $6.06 billion, up 15%
• Office: $5.82 billion; 39%
• Consumer electronics: $3.73 billion, 15%
• Books: $2.28 billion, 5%
• Event tickets: $2.11 billion, 45%
• Home and garden: $2.07 billion, 66%
• Health and beauty: $1.16 billion, 23%
• Sport and fitness: $1.07 billion, 61%

"The impressive growth we`ve reported in e-commerce is a function of sharp growth in the number of online shoppers, greater product diversity in the online shopping basket, and an increased rate of purchase among experienced online shoppers," says Dan Hess, comScore vice president.

ComScore produces sales data based on the passive, electronic measurement of the buying activity of a representative cross-section of more than 1.5 million Internet users at more than 50,000 online merchants and other commerce sites who have given comScore permission to monitor their browsing and buying behavior.

ComScore released its numbers as a follow-up to its release earlier this year of total online sales last year and during the same week that the Commerce Department released its online sales figures from last year. ComScore reported online retail sales last year grew 26.7% and the Commerce Department reported 26.8%. Growth of online sales this year has slowed from last year and is at 16% for the year to date, comScore says.


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