January 30, 2003, 12:00 AM

New POS terminals = growing web access in stores

LakeWest Group’s annual survey of POS technology: Whither the web?

The proportion of specialty retailers with access to the web from point-of-sale terminals has doubled in the past year, according to the latest POS Benchmarking Survey from Cleveland-based consultants LakeWest Group Ltd. Today, 55% of specialty chains have web access from the point of sale, up from 27% a year ago. Adoption of web-based POS terminals will continue its rapid spread, LakeWest projects, with 56% of chains without web access reporting they plan to web enable their POS terminals within two years. Only 19% reported no plans to implement such technology, down from 35% a year ago.

The movement toward web-enabled POS is clearly the result of the upgrade of POS systems within the past few years. 55% of POS hardware is less than four years old. Here’s how LakeWest reports the market breakdown:


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