December 30, 2002, 12:00 AM

Analytics help create a superpage at

Proflowers tested some 20 page elements and bundled the winners together in an optimized landing page. The result: a 10% to 15% jump in conversions off the page.


Flower site already had been tracking its traffic from paid placements on engines such as Yahoo and MSN, but it recently took the tracking of visitor behavior to a new level with the use of WebSideStory`s Enterprise analytics product. Using the tool to follow the behavior of site visitors, Proflowers tested response to some 20 individual elements on its landing page by setting up a series of test pages and directing selected customer groups to them. The tested elements mainly involved the use of real estate on the page, such as number of products or a product’s location on a page.

“We identified variables on these pages that we thought might have an impact on conversion, and we set up a matrix to test the elements against each other,” says Richie Hannah, web strategist at Proflowers. Visitors from selected major engines were routed to the test pages while as a control, other visitors were routed to the former landing page. After a number of rounds testing the response of the different elements, and statistical analysis to determine which elements helped and which hurt conversions, Proflowers put the winning elements on a test “superversion” of an optimal landing page, Hannah says.

Over a period of about six weeks to gather data and test response, the newly created landing page containing all the top-performing elements drove a 10% to 15% increase in conversions off the page, says Hannah. WebSideStory’s Hitbox product tagged visitor response to each of the variables, so Proflowers could see, for example, that version three of the landing page was driving more conversions than version four.

“We’ve had opinions of what we thought would help or hurt conversions, but we’ve seen time and time again that what seems to make logical sense isn’t necessarily true,” Hannah adds. “The only way to really test that and prove it is have people come to the site and vote with their mice.”

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