October 28, 2002, 12:00 AM

Best Buy moving to Internet-based EDI

With Internet EDI, Best Buy Co. expects to save on data transmission costs and provide for more real-time exchange of information with its suppliers.

For its larger suppliers, Best Buy Co. Inc. already exchanges documents directly over its EDI system. But now it hopes to eventually move all of its document traffic to an Internet-based EDI system--including from even the smallest suppliers--to save on transmission costs and provide for more real-time exchange of information, Jeff Johnson, Best Buy’s inventory director for supply chains and e-business, tells Internet Retailer.


This would also support Best Buy’s interest in conducting more collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment with its suppliers, he says. In the near future, he adds, Best Buy will operate several e-commerce systems on an operating platform from Minneapolis-based Retek Inc., which will serve as the central communication foundation for forecasting and other supply chain capabilities from vendors including i2 Technologies Inc. and webMethods Inc.


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