September 18, 2002, 12:00 AM

2 European retailers move business operations to the web

Two European retailers are installing web-based management systems from Retek. BHV France will use Retek`s Data Warehouse solution and Kiabi will implement Retek’s Merchandise Planning module.

Two European retailers are installing web-based management systems from Minneapolis-based Retek Inc. BHV France, a division of French retailer Galeries Lafayette with 14 stores in France and annual sales of US$680 million, will use Retek`s Data Warehouse solution to provide buyers and merchandisers with information on product and supplier performance. The data will move over the web, Retek reports.

BHV will implement Retek`s Data Warehouse solution to give senior management, buyers, planners and merchandisers access to the same source of product and sales information to ensure that all are making decisions based on the same data. BHV says its expects the implementation to help it improve sales, create optimal inventory levels, manage markdowns better, and improve gross margin and customer satisfaction.

Kiabi, a rapidly growing apparel retailer with 100 stores across Europe, will implement Retek’s Merchandise Planning module, part of Retek`s Advanced Retail Planning and Optimization solutions. Retek says the module will allow Kiabi to accelerate speed to market, maximize inventory turn, and minimize supply chain costs.

Kiabi plans to implement the Retek solution to reconcile product and financial plans, Retek says, replacing paper-based planning systems at a departmental level and introducing a common work methodology for planning across all brands in line with unique customer profiles. In this system, too, the data will move across the web, Retek says.

"Kiabi provides apparel ranging from men`s to baby brands," said Olivier Doucy, organization and methodology manager at Kiabi. "With our broad product range, we have a critical need to identify, quantify and plan for our customer`s demands. "


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