July 10, 2002, 12:00 AM

E-mail marketing drives sales and cuts costs for Hewlett-Packard

Marketing company Digital Impact says its clients’ e-mail marketing messages have an average click-through of 7.8%. Hewlett-Packard has particular success with customer-specific messages.

Online direct marketing services company Digital Impact reports results of a benchmarking study that showed the average click-through rate for e-mail campaigns executed on behalf of its clients was over 7.8% for the quarter ended March 31. By contrast, the industry average on e-mail click-throughs is 1.8%, according to data from eMarketer. While recent studies have shown that e-mail response rates are dropping over time, Digital Impact says its clients have maintained or increased e-mail click-through rates on average across the board.

“Consumers` frustration at receiving large numbers of undifferentiated e-mails highlights the need for marketers to de-emphasize volume and focus on understanding their customers’ needs, to deliver messages that are relevant and targeted,” says Kevin Johnson, senior vice president of services.

Johnson adds that successful e-mail marketing programs stem from building an ongoing relationship with the customer and from using customers’ content preferences and purchasing behavior to deliver messages that include relevant product, service and support information. Digital Impact client Hewlett Packard, for example, sends millions of e-mail containing customer-specific offers and content based on the customer’s product ownership and preferences. The e-mail marketing program drives approximately $300 million in revenue and $6 million in cost savings by lightening the workload for HP’s call center, according to the company.

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