June 27, 2002, 12:00 AM

With images now 50% of web traffic, the search is on to streamline content

TrueSpectra looks beyond enterprise clients with a new product that targets smaller sites and web developers.

Imaging solutions provider TrueSpectra, Inc., with retail clients such as Nordstrom`s and Macy’s, is extending its reach to a broader market with the introduction of a product aimed at smaller sites and web developers. Image Server, Developer Edition, will launch next week, providing access to TrueSpectra Image Server technology at a fraction of enterprise-scaled technology costs, the company revealed at the Retail Systems conference. The company also will launch the fourth edition of its Image Server for enterprise clients, featuring new tools that further speed development of web applications and enhance integration with other products and platforms.

Image files now constitute an estimated 50% of all content moving over the Internet, according to TrueSpectra. In efforts to organize and deliver that content, U.S. companies spent approximately $8 billion on content creation and management software last year, the company has estimated.

“It became clear that the substantial value our server provides to large corporate clients is just as relevant to a wider variety of customers,” says V. David Watkins, CEO of TrueSpectra. “Nearly every site can benefit from reduced development time, decreased production and maintenance costs, and improved user experience."

Eliminating or reducing image production tasks through automation speeds up workflow and allows content mangers to develop web applications more cost effectively. One web applications development firm, X-treme Development, realized significant savings by bundling TrueSpectra into its services for its clients. “It saves time, money and takes the hassle out of developing with images. We saved $15,000 in development costs on one project alone,” says David Vaccaro, company president.

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