June 20, 2002, 12:00 AM

Multi-channel effectiveness includes coupon promotions as well as selling

The ability to match offline redemption with the demographic customer base of online coupon recipients is valuable to multi-channel retailers developing CRM strategies, CoolSavings says.

One of the raps against paper coupons is that the retailer who redeems them knows nothing about the customer. Not so with e-coupons, says Matthew Moog, president and CEO of Chicago-based CoolSavings, a distributor of online coupons. “With offline coupons, there is no target market and no CRM," Moog says. The ability to match redemption with CoolSavings’ demographic customer base is valuable to retailers developing CRM strategies, he says.

CoolSavings has worked with a number of well known brands in developing marketing solutions that involve e-mails and online coupons and offline redemption. Edy’s Ice Cream has generated 25,000 sales with a CoolSavings coupon that customers print out and bring to the store, he says. The coupon is scanned and tracked, which provides a record of how the coupon campaign worked with online distribution. Both Tide and Lysol have used CoolSavings to attract new customers for new products, he says.

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