June 6, 2002, 12:00 AM

Sundance Catalog’s web adds MediaRich to cut time and labor costs

With new dynamic imaging capacity, which automates what was once a manual process, Sundance could realize ROI of twice its investment in one year.

The newly redesigned web site of Sundance Catalog Company features some 1,400 products and it`s growing fast. Efforts to keep content updated on the growing product line, and to provide a more engaging shopping experience by offering enlarged product views, was taking an increasing toll on the company’s staff resources. Under its existing content management process, getting the job done meant thousands of product images had to be researched, reformatted and scaled manually. The manual production also was an obstacle to growth, as expanding the site would add more hours to what already was a time-consuming process for preparing the images for presentation on the web.

To improve its back-end workflow and reduce the time and labor required to process images for its web site, Sundance turned to Equilibrium’s MediaRich Image Server. Equilibrium estimates that Sundance will realize an ROI of at least twice its initial investment in MediaRich within the first year of use – even larger with expanded product lines and increased MediaRich functionality. MediaRich is expected to offer an output-to-print capability this summer.

The ROI is projected from reduced production costs, reduced labor costs, and a shorter time to web for new product introductions. MediaRich also allows Sundance to do dynamic imaging, which will help enable innovative functionality such as colorization and zoom/pan in future site development. With dynamic imaging, Sundance IT staff can generate an unlimited number of derivative images from a single original.

"MediaRich is helping us save hours of production time in developing our new site," says Corey Davis, Internet manger of Sundance. "Our web team is able to dynamically generate all the various product shot iterations from one original source image, thereby freeing up their time to concentrate on site design and usability."

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