June 5, 2002, 12:00 AM

DoubleClick research shows when consumers respond to e-mail

Consumers prefer to respond to e-mail offers from publishers on the weekends, and to e-mail offers from marketers during the work week.

According to New York-based DoubleClick Inc.’s E-mail Marketing Trend Report, consumers respond to e-maill offers from marketers and publishers on different days. Marketers have the highest click-through rates between Tuesdays and Thursdays with an average rate of 6.5%, while publishers have the highest click-through rates on the weekends with an average of 9.4%. DoubleClick says the results indicate that consumers respond to marketing offers during the week while using high-speed Internet connections at work. And consumers prefer reading newsletter e-mails from publishers on the weekends when they have more time.

"Both marketers and publishers should take advantage of knowing that consumers have varying preferences for when they read their e-mails, and should build on their customer relationships accordingly," said Genevieve Mallgrave, vice president and general manager of direct marketing at DoubleClick. The report is based on data collected through DoubleClick’s DARTmail system from first quarter 2001 to first quarter 2002.

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