May 23, 2002, 12:00 AM

Hitting the Target

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Providers of both services concede the benefits of the others-and the drawbacks. “The downside of pay for placement is that once the merchant stops paying for that advertising, it has no position in the search engine,” Wehr says. “There’s no brand recognition, and they’ve lost those links from the engines to their sites. The merchants that are taking a foothold in the engines through optimization are going to be harder to dislodge.”

With neither solution offering all the answers on its own, savvy web merchants are combining both. “Optimization and paid search are two different animals,” Wetzler says. “But if a retailer has as its foundation a solid base of optimized keyword positions throughout the major engines, that’s the best platform from which to see where they need to step it up to another level and buy keywords. We have clients that are looking for help in both areas.”

That Was Then-This Is Now
  Hot Keywords Then
Hot Keywords Now
Electronics Playstation X Box, Game Cube
PDA Pocket PC
Cell phone Palm phone, PDA cell phone
Toys Beanie Babies Harry Potter
Pokemon Yu-Gi-Oh
Music Swing Latin
Disco Jennifer Lopez
‘N Sync Shakira
Creed Alicia Keyes
Ricky Martin Enrique Iglesias
Clothing Platforms Stilettos
Low-rise jeans Peasant/gypsy/Latin influence
Form-fitting Off-the-shoulder/baggy

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