May 6, 2002, 12:00 AM

Yahoo targets last-minute gift-buyers with online Mother’s Day Gift Center

25% of consumers polled don’t know Mom’s favorite color or flower, so Yahoo’s boutique sorts gift recommendations by categories to suit different lifestyles.


Mother’s Day is one of the quarter’s biggest gift-giving occasions, and Yahoo Shopping is serving up a holiday-focused offering aimed at getting shoppers to spend their Mother’s Day gift dollars online at Yahoo merchants. A Yahoo survey showed that 50% of 1,300 online consumers don’t know their mother`s dress size and 25% don’t know her favorite flower or color, but Yahoo Shopping has launched a Mother’s Day gift center that lets consumers without that knowledge still send Mom a personalized gift.

The online boutique, which went up April 17, features gift recommendations in easy to navigate “personality" categories. “Spa Mom,” for example, features products such as an aromatherapy gift basket, while “Home and Garden Guru” features products such as a sunflower growing kit.

“We’ve eliminated the need to know mom’s exact dress size or favorite color by creating a shopping experience that provides consumers with an easy to use site that recommends present ideas from Yahoo merchants based on their mother’s lifestyle," says Karin Salmon, director, commerce production at Yahoo Shopping.

The online gift center also offers a “Last Minute” area featuring merchants who will take orders until close to Mother’s Day – in some cases, right up to the day before --and ensure delivery on time. Gifts in this section include a range of items from flowers to apparel to jewelry and gardening gadgets.


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