February 28, 2002, 12:00 AM

Two months out, automated up-selling feature rates expansion at Crutchfield

Audio system retailer Crutchfield’s “Step Up” program nudges shoppers to the next model up with an instant calculation of the price of extra features. Crutchfield plans an aggressive expansion of the feature throughout the site.


Two months after it launched a home-grown automated up-selling feature on its site, audio and video system retailer Crutchfield says it’s pleased enough to expand its use. The “Step Up” feature is an on-screen box that presents shoppers considering an item on a product page with a brief description of next-highest-priced model of the same product.

Critical to the feature`s success are two elements: descriptions that clearly showcase the added features of the next model up, and software that doesn’t just present the cost of the higher-priced model, but instantly calculates the spread between the item under consideration and the next model up. The result: shoppers can instantly see which extra features are offered by the next model up in the line, and how much more they’d have to pay to get them.

“We keep Step Up recommendations within the same brand and limit them to the next model in the line, so the difference is never more than about $50,” says Alan Rimm-Kaufman, vice president of marketing. While he won’t disclose shopper uptake on the Step Up offers or whether they’ve increased order size, he does say the tool is working well and an “aggressive expansion” of the feature’s use on the site is planned.


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