February 20, 2002, 12:00 AM

Shoppers open to global online shopping, says WorldPay study

66% of shoppers said they do not have concerns about buying from overseas web sites, says a new survey from WorldPay.


A study of 15,235 WorldPay multi-currency transaction software users in 124 countries shows that respondents plans to increase international online spending and that security and language of the web site were key issues in global e-commerce. The survey reports that 66% of shoppers said they do not have concerns about buying from overseas web sites. But there are some key factors determining a decision to buy online: 89% of respondents cited a secure online environment as important, 69% cited language of the web site, 67% cited delivery speed, 61% cited customer service, 59% cited price and 53% cited the ability to shop in their own currency. The most popular goods and services purchased online were CDs/videos/DVDs, books, travel and computer products.

WorldPay conducted its first online shopper survey from September 2001 through the first week of February 2002. WorldPay processes payment transactions for more than 14,000 online merchants in 115 countries.


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