January 9, 2002, 12:00 AM

Retail site traffic up 50% this year over Holiday 2000, says Jupiter

Traffic to online shopping sites during the holiday season was up by 50% over Holiday 2000, with 51.3 million visitors weekly on average versus last year’s 34.3 million.


Traffic to online shopping sites during the holiday season was up by 50% over Holiday 2000, with 51.3 million visitors on average going to shopping sites each week of the season versus last year’s 34.3 million, according to the final data from Jupiter Media Metrix’s ongoing Holiday 2001e-commerce series.

The top three traditional retail sites in terms of average daily unique visitors each week were Columbia House with 598,000 average unique visitors; ToysRUs with 515,000 and BarnesandNoble.com with 447,000. However, those numbers pale beside those logged in at sites like eBay, which had an average 4.6 million visitors each week during the holiday season; and Amazon, which had 2.5 million.

Traffic to all shopping sites for the week following the holiday shopping season was down 9% compared to the season average during the five weeks measured, the weeks ending November 25 through December 23. However, the Jupiter Media Metrix Online Shopping Index, which aggregates web visitors to nearly 500 retail sites and 19 subcategories, was still up 61% compared to the same week last year.

Jupiter senior analyst Ken Cassar notes that traffic to the seven traditional retailers among the top 15 shopping sites covered – a group that also included non-traditional sites such as MyPoints.com and BizRate.com –was up 73% from last year. “We’ve been waiting for the inevitable dominance of the traditional retailers over their pure-play counterparts, and it appears that 2001 may have been the year when it finally happened,” he says. “With a few exceptions such as Amazon, the dominant retailers that sell merchandise directly from their sites tend to be affiliated with brick-and-mortar stores and catalogs.”

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