December 12, 2001, 12:00 AM re-launches its music and video offerings

Through an agreement with Handleman Co., a major category manager and distributor of music, Kmart Corp.’s re-launches its CDs, DVDs and videos offerings. It had dropped the category in September.

Among the continuing best sellers on the web are CDs, DVDs and videos. So if you have a general merchandise web site, why not take offer what consumers want to buy. Through an agreement with Handleman Co., a major category manager and distributor of music, Kmart Corp.’s is re-launching its offerings of CDs, DVDs and videos, once the domain of the books and music sites.

And its offerings mirror those at other sites. is stocking its CD/DVD/video site with sound samples from CD tracks that let shoppers listen to music before buying (including the entire new CD by Mick Jagger), streaming video, expert reviews, a video and audio jukebox, and an interactive rating system. It’s also letting customers pre-order new releases. It also will provide entertainment industry news, feature articles, and other information on artists, movies, and new releases. will offer an inventory of 65,000 CDs, DVDs and videos.

On the movie side, will feature a library of film facts, plot summaries, and information about actors, directors, and producers and will allow customers to search by title, actor, director, format, and genre.

BlueLight will promote the music and movie products by offering customers who buy a copy of Jewel`s latest album This Way a signed version of the CD. They can also enter a contest to win a guitar autographed by Jewel. It will also give a free Pearl Harbor baseball cap to buyers of the movie Pearl Harbor. has contracted with Handleman Co.’s Handleman Online to host the site, handle the merchandising and fulfill orders. Handleman says it will double the offerings in the next few months.

BlueLight had offered a limited selection of CDs and movies before it tansferred opration of the site to Global Sports in September. At that time, it stopped selling those items.

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